New York - known for pizza, wings, even cheesecake. Now add potato chips to the list. 'New York Chips' are now available exclusively at Wegmans in the Northeast part of the country.

The potatoes are from the Adam Marquart of Marquart Bros. LLC. Farm in Gainesville, N.Y. as well as other farms in Wyoming County. Ultimately they hope to include more farms in NYS. Marquart says he had the idea for ten years, and then Wegmans stepped in about a year ago, and now it's off to the races.

Adam Marquart tells The Daily News:

“Our intention is this brand will always be supplied with 100 percent New York State potatoes,” Marquart said, pointing out the “Pride of New York” brandishing on the bag.
The bag features other information like explaining why they chose avocado oil (“By cooking New York Chips in avocado oil, we harness the energy of ‘good fat’ in avocados”), to explaining that they use the whole potato, skin and all, “just as Mother Nature intended.”...
“(The chip) tastes like an old-time french fry,” Marquart said.

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