There are seemingly an unlimited amount of flavors of potato chips. Potato crisp maker Pringles has tried all sorts of flavors and hit a home run with some. This time, they're attempting to make your dessert table. Nice and sweet just like the holidays. They're only available for a limited time at select stores. 

1. Pringles Salted Caramel

This is the only all-new flavor so far this season and is sold exclusively at Walmart.

2. Pringles Milk Chocolate

Flavored with a sweet chocolate powder also sold exclusively at Walmart.

3. Pringles White Chocolate

Described as having a "sweet, creamy" taste. This is available at major grocery stores.

4. Pringles Pecan Pie

This is the 4th year as a seasonal release and available at Dollar General. Sounds good for Thanksgiving with a nutty, caramel flavor.

5. Pringles Tortilla Cinnamon & Sugar

A corn tortilla chip sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

All five flavors retail for $1.99 per tube and are available now. (If they're not in your nearest store yet, PANIC! Just kidding. Talk to a store manager—Pringles says the flavors started shipping in mid-October, but that may not mean your local shop has had a chance to stock it yet.)

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