It was my first time in North Carolina, it was my first time seeing the ocean, and it was my first time being stuck in a car for 23 hours - Tons of 'firsts' for this week's 'New to Naomi.'

Okay, so 'New to Naomi' is usually about exploring Central New York as I continue to learn about the area, but I couldn't help this one. After taking a week vacation to North Carolina I got to experience a lot of things I never did before. I won't bore you with everything, but I'll give you some of the best details from the adventures.

Naomi Lynn's First Time in the Ocean
Naomi Lynn/TSM

The Ocean

It may sound silly, but I really have never seen the ocean before. As soon as my boyfriend and I arrived, I ran out of the car and into the ocean - I was that excited! I've grown up with Michigan's Lake Huron, but that doesn't compare to the ocean! I went swimming and walking in it every single day I was down there.


Don't get me wrong, I've had seafood before, but not on this scale. And not calamari. That was a first. I did get to have fresh shrimp and scallops as well. I think I would head back to North Carolina just for the food alone!

Kitty Hawk

The birthplace of flight. Seeing as I had never been to North Carolina before, and Kitty Hawk was only an hour or so away from where I was staying, it just seemed to make sense to check it out. I think flight is cool, but I've never been THAT into it... Well, until now. Probably the coolest thing I've ever saw while learning something. Check out the pictures from Kitty Hawk (and the rest of the vacation).

A 23-Hour Drive Home

Getting back from the beach should have taken about 12 hours or so. Should Have. But it didn't. After a few unexpected stops (Kitty Hawk being one of them), traffic delays, back roads through the mountains, and a trip to the emergency room... Well, that added up to a loooonnnngg trip home.

Through everything, it was a great vacation and a nice break, but I am happy to be back and happy to be starting on a new adventure with your 'Workday Kick-Off' with Matt Hubbell.

My next 'New to Naomi' will keep me in Central New York - and I'm already wondering where I'll be exploring next!




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