Halloween is this coming Monday.  Are your kids excited about getting dressed up and accumulating all that candy?  The last thing they're probably thinking about is good dental health but it's exactly what an Ohio dentist is concerned about this Halloween.

Dentist Craig Callen of Mansfield, Ohio is offering to buy the Halloween candy from his child patients as a way to promote good dental health care.  He's offering to pay the kids one dollar per pound of unopened candy.  They'll have until November fourth to drop off the Halloween candy and get the cash.  He's also going to raffle off two bikes too.  Callen says the kids can still have all the fun of going out trick-or-treating and then fill their piggy bank.  His own piggy bank has its limits.  He plans to give out up to one thousand dollars.  Do you like this idea?  Think kids would rather have cash than candy?