The musical group OK Go, has scored another viral video hit with their latest release, "I Won't Let You Down." This is the group that had the 'treadmill video' and the 'Mousetrap/Rube Goldberg Machine' video. And with the release of "I Won't Let You Down," the question on my mind immediately is what are those awesome scooters and where can I get one?

The scooters, according to this Billboard article breaking down the video, are actually motorized scooters chairs and made by Honda.

Honda U3-V and UNI-CUB Scooters

Googling "Honda Scooter Chairs," turns up an article from 2010 describing the U3-X Personal mobility device. The scooter, which was demonstrated in the video below certainly bears a grandfatherly resemblance to what OK Go sped around with.

In 2011, Honda unviled the next generation of personal scooters and the next model to follow to U3-X was the UNI-CUB which was profiled by Huffington Post and described a motorized wheel that twists and turns in response to a rider's shift in body weight. That certainly looks like what the OK Go lads are doing.

The Honda UNI-CUB Scooters in Action

Indeed, if you read the credits to the OK Go video, you'll see UNI-CUB operators listed. So unlike the hoverboards in Back to the Future, this awesome technology actually exists. If you've not yet seen it, here's the video of "I Won't Let You Down."