There are three different types of locations that paranormal investigators encounter when they begin to factor history into their site selection process.

The first type of locations are deemed to be haunted because of incontrovertible proof. These are the places that have numerous photographs, recordings, and other various evidence proving that they have a guest of the paranormal kind. An example of this is Beardslee Manor, mentioned in our previous post. Their ghost is so well documented he’s on the menu!

Other locations are said to be haunted through the folklore of the area. Stories are passed from person to person about a friend of a friend who once saw a ghost there. Is it haunted? Is it not? That isn’t really relevant when it comes to these sites. It’s more about the stories told, and the folklore, rather than the actual haunting. People flock to these sites, hoping to be one of the people who can add on to the legend. Sites that fit into this category are Oriskany Battlefield, and Fort Stanwix. They are reported to be haunted, although they haven’t been proven to be so.

The third type of locations are the ones who are reported to be haunted because they seem like they should be haunted. They are so creepy and foreboding that to not be haunted would be an affront to every horror movie ever made. Usually these locations are so off-limits their very secretiveness is the kick start to the legend. If the building is locked off, it has to be for a reason. And of course that reason must be that it is haunted. An example of this is the Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center. While parts of it are in use, there are other parts that are no longer in use and boarded up. What better place to be haunted than an old psychiatric facility?

Regardless of which type of location you encounter throughout your paranormal adventures, history and the paranormal will always be entwined. And even though you may encounter a location that seems to have a rich history, but no paranormal activity, keep your eyes open. You never know when the paranormal will find you.

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