It was just recently Pete Davidson from Saturday Night Live had an interview with Howard Stern where he talked about Syracuse calling it "trash."

With super coincidental timing, (or is it?) it was announced that he will be "presenting" a comedy show in the city this weekend. Comedians Joey Gay and Dave Sirus will perform at Funk 'n Waffles, located in downtown Syracuse this Sunday, Sept. 30, at 9 p.m.

The event is billed as "Pete Davidson Presents: Joey Gay & Dave Sirus - FnW SYR," but Davidson himself is not scheduled to appear at the event, according to a promoter for Funk 'n Waffles.

Gay and Sirus also hung out with Davidson while the 24-year-old "SNL" star shot the upcoming movie "Big Time Adolescence" in Syracuse. The three comedians performed a special charity show at in Liverpool, now the home of filmmaker Jeremy Garelick's Syracuse Studios, American High.

I went to the show. He made the same comments then - asking what there is to do in Syracuse, saying "Syracuse is the kind of place you come to start an alcohol problem."

Several 'Cuse natives are already commenting on the event page on Facebook, asking Funk 'n Waffles to cancel the show. Others are coming to Davidson's defense. (warning: the video below is NSFW based on language, but the message of the post is good hearted.)

Do you think Davidson's comments were far off from the truth? Should Funk n' Waffles cancel the show out of respect for the city? I honestly can't take anything he says too seriously. He seems like a down to earth kind of dude after seeing him at the show I saw. After all, it's his job to try to be funny - whether it's offensive or not is all about perception.


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