We're only three weeks away from the Season 5 premiere of 'Pretty Little Liars' on June 10 and it looks like plenty of people will be getting hurt this season. Emotionally and physically.

Read on to find out if the devious Mona is on the hit list! Obviously, spoilers are below so proceed with caution.

Based on previous spoilers, we already know that Ezra will spend some time in the hospital after being shot, but will ultimately pull through enough to possibly redeem himself and fix his shattered relationship with Aria.

However, the same cannot be said for one of the Liars' relationships, which will go on a downward spiral this season. Our bets are kind of on Haleb.

As far as physical injuries go, it look like Mona may be getting hurt this season.

The official 'PLL' Twitter account tweeted a photo of actress Janel Parrish -- who portrays Mona -- on set with a cut on her cheek, captioning the snap:

Who could Mona be getting into a scuffle with? Or did Janel Parrish just hurt herself and we're being mislead with a red herring?

Hopefully we'll have some definitive answers when 'Pretty Little Liars' returns to ABC Family at 8PM ET on June 10.

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