If you're looking for the perfect gift for the special Dad in your life - we've got you covered. This twist on a simple picture in a frame will definitely make Dad smile.

All it took was a little creativity and some help from Kinney Drugs.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Your Kids
  • small chalkboards or simple paper where they can write a special message for Dad
  • Your camera (or even your phone will work)
  • A picture frame 

All you have to do is photograph each child with their message - or you could have them each hold a letter or word - like "WE" "LOVE" and "DAD" and either send them to Kinney Drugs online photo services to be developed - or simply bring the camera's SD card right to the store and have the pictures printed while you wait.

While you're there, pick out the perfect frame - and maybe grab a Father's Day card.

Once the photo is developed - just pop it in the frame - and VOILA! A perfect Father's Day gift that Dad is going to love.

Kinney Drugs has locations in Whitesboro, Clinton, Boonville, and through out Central New York


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