What do a jewelry heist, a scary henchman and a sketchy girlfriend have in common? They all appear in R5's new video for 'Heart Made Up on You'!

The gritty crime setup is an unexpected and super cool theme for a music video and we think it fits perfectly with the message of 'Heart Made Up on You.' The lyrics describe a very complex relationship with someone who's no good. What better way to showcase that than with a double-crossing girlfriend?

"My mind says, no you're no good for me / You're no good but my heart's made up on you," the band sings.

The video, which plays like a crime thriller, shows the band getting mixed up with some not-so-nice characters. As the jewelry theft unwinds, R5 perform their catchy single. However, the heist eventually goes awry and the plan turns to chaos -- or does it? You'll have to watch the twist ending to find out!

Watch R5 get involved in an epic heist in the 'Heart Made Up on You' video above!

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