A favorite for many Central New Yorkers has announced they are for sale, after spending over 20 years in business.

We're talking about the Red Door Dairy Store on Route 20 in West Winfield. The news was posted on the Red Door's Facebook Page earlier this week (Monday, August 6th), and it's no doubt the community will miss this diner.

Just scrolling through the comments on the original "for sale" post from the Red Door, shows people's outcry over the news. One patron asked where they were going to find potato salad, blueberry-banana bread, and a handful of other goodies, that would even come close to the Red Door's. Another person commented that it was the only place to eat on Route 20 (between Madison and Albany).

But not all the comments were from bummed out customers of the restaurant. Some of the reaction was good, congratulating the business owners. See, the closing is bittersweet - According to the Red Door's Facebook Post, the diner is closing because the Jones family is retiring! Which is some great news, considering they have been in business for 27 years.

Red Door does say they are still open, so you're still more than welcome to stop in and get one of their delicious ice cream cones - Like their caramel soft serve ice cream or coffee soft serve. Or if you're up for it, stop in for a tasty, filling breakfast - They have a LOT of options. You can get more details on the Red Door, keep updated on their selling status, and even take a look at their menu, by visiting their Facebook Page at: RedDoorWW




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