What's the only thing better than Rixton teasing a clip of "Appreciated" from their upcoming album Let the Road? Playing the track for three of the cutest kids known to man.

While we have admittedly been loving this song since their Me and My Broken Heart EP, we have never rocked out quite to the level of these three tots (ranging in age from adorable toddler to sweet kid), who shake it all over the place, jumping, dancing and yes, even crawling to the heart-swelling tune. Love. it.

And the babes give "Appreciated" their full approval, with one rating the track a whopping 14 points out of 10 (a rating of seriously freaking impressive, if you ask us), while the little boy scores it a perfect 10/10. And he says he'll buy the album, which is obviously a win/win for Rixton. As for the baby? Well, she was a little too busy eating a chocolate chip cookie to bother with such trivial matters. Understandable. But considering the final tally for "Appreciated" totaled to a whopping 24 points out of 20 (wouldn't it actually be 24 out of 10?) we think the other kids did a great job. After all, that's what we'd rate the song ourselves.

Watch Rixton tease "Appreciated" to three of their biggest -- yet tiniest -- fans in the video above. And be sure to keep it here on PopCrush all this week and next, since we'll be premiering a new teaser vid of each Let the Road track every day.

Rixton Perform "Appreciated" at JetBlue's Live from T5

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