Remember the adorable trio of kids from Rixton's "Appreciated" video teaser? Well, they loved the track so much that they just had to come back and rate "Me and My Broken Heart," too. (It wasn't just the allure of chocolate chip cookies. We swear.)

As it turns out, two of the three cute tots are Scooter Braun's niece and nephew, which we discovered after he gushed over them in a sweet tweet. (The message has since been deleted.) And it seems like they were at odds over what they'd rate "Me and My Broken Heart" -- the band's biggest hit so far -- with one rating it a 4/10 and the other giving it a 12/10. (To be fair, they were a little distracted by the smorgasbord of white bread and cookies in front of them, so it could've been the sugar talking.)

Of course, Rixton decided to go with the higher score because that's obviously what the song deserves. (No shame!) After all, it is the song hooked all of us on the band in the first place. Let's be real: There's a reason we've had it on repeat for pretty much a solid year now, and that's because it's crazy addictive. 12/10 for sure.

Watch Rixton play "Me and My Broken Heart" for three adorable little kids in the video above. And be sure to keep it here on PopCrush all next week as we continue to roll out even more exclusive teasers from the band's upcoming album Let the Road!

Watch Rixton Perform 'Me and My Broken Heart' at JetBlue's Live From T5

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