If you're a fan of the UK-based band, Rixton, we've got an awesome surprise in store for you today. In celebration of the release of their upcoming album, Let The Road, we've been unveiling some exclusive video content from the band. And we're about to unveil one of the most exciting clips so far -- it has a snippet of the album track "Beautiful Excuses" and it's the first time anyone's heard a clip of the song so far!

In the video, they play part of the song for two fans who are clearly enjoying it. It's an emotive track about having to make mistakes in order to learn from them.

The lyrics include: "There’s only beautiful excuses in my eyes / I could scream and shout / But what’s the point it’s done / Try before you learn / Fly too close to the sun / You’re starting to lose faith / So hold on to your proud / There’s only beautiful excuses in my eyes." And while we can only hear a short snippet of the song, we're already dying to hear the full thing.

It looks like a pretty normal listening session, until the music cuts off and you can tell that Jake was having a pretty emotional response to the song. He tries to talk about it, but can't get the words out. The fans say that the track is "perfect" to which Jake responds, "There we go. That was a song written for the ex-girlfriend, which was perfect." Jake then holds up his notepad, a message to said ex-girlfriend, that says, "Take me back." His bandmates, meanwhile, were clearly not huge fans of his ex, as they wrote "Jake's ex was a huge d----" on their notepads. Yikes.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think of "Beautiful Excuses"!

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