14-year-old Sabrina Carpenter will play the Shawn Hunter-esque character Maya Hart in the upcoming 'Boy Meets World' spin-off, 'Girl Meets World.' But the bubbly blonde teen is much more than her rebellious character, who is best friends with Cory and Topanga's daughter Riley. Carpenter is also a singer, and she just dropped her debut single, 'Can't Blame a Girl For Trying.'

The music video is a perfect introduction to the star, who is adorably goofy in the sweet vid for the upbeat song. Carpenter shows off her feminine side with loose blonde waves and a barrage of silly ensembles that she dresses up in throughout the video. But she also shows off her musicianship, playing both the acoustic guitar and ukelele (and even a tennis racket) while singing her heart out.

But the best thing about the tune is the lyrics, which every girl out there can relate to.

"I should've shut my mouth, I could've kept it quiet," Carpenter sings. "I might have freaked him out, 'cause I was so excited. I couldn't wait, I took a leap of faith, oh the things I say…"

Who hasn't had a moment like that?

And while the lyrics are sweet and simple, we love that the tone of the track sounds more mature than Carpenter's 14 years. Girl can sing a great pop song.

Watch Sabrina Carpenter's adorable video above!