Saving money is always tough, but following this simple rule will help you save close to a thousand dollars by the end of the year.

Pile of Twenty Dollar Bills
Ingram Publishing/ThinkStock

The idea of having a thousand dollars saved up can sound pretty difficult - Especially if you live paycheck-to-paycheck, or if you just don't have any extra money. Having a savings is SO important, though! Getting started can be tough, but a Facebook post that has been going around can make it easier than you've ever imagined.

The idea is very simple. Starting January 1st, you put one penny in a jar. For the 2nd, you put away two pennies. The 3rd, three pennies - and so on and so forth. By December 31st you'll be putting in more money, but it's not that much - $3.65. All those pennies add up throughout the year. You're looking at $667.95 saved away!

Imagine what you could do with over $600 - All from just putting a few pennies away. It seems so hard to save money, but following a simple plan like this makes it easy, and possible.




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