Wouldn't it be great if you could enjoy a glass on wine in the tub, and not have the calories count? A new study says your wish might be granted.

The study, conducted by Loughborough University in England, found that taking a hot bath for about an hour burns 130 calories - about the same number of calories burned while taking a 30 minute walk. And, lo and behold, the roughly the same number of calories in a glass of wine, or a can of Utica Club. Or three and a half Thin Mints. A bathtub is a diet we can all get behind.

It's like magic. 

Okay, not magic, but the increase in the body's core temperature contributes to the calorie burn. The study, which was reported in TheConversation.com says there is also evidence that a hot bath can lower inflammation overall. Wine + No calories + health benefits = win win win.

The only news that could be better than a bath burning calories would be if a Netflix marathon burned as many calories as a real marathon.


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