Oh we Americans are crazy about our sports teams.  And we gobble up plenty of burgers too.  What happens when you combine the two?  This is what you get.  Sonic drive-in restaurants, based in Oklahoma,  are stamping college football team logos on their hamburger buns.

sonic logo
Flickr/ Bob B. Brown

According to USAToday, Sonic will offer the sports stamped burgers for about three months.  They have deals with universities in Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma and will appeal to regional tastes with both the logo and the ingredients.  For example, the University of Louisiania Ragin' Cajun Bulldog Burger is made with pepper jack cheese and spicy Tabasco mayo.

How will it work?  The stamp, made with tapioca starch and three  USDA approved  food colorings, will be steamed onto the bun just before it's served.   USAToday reports Sonic tried this for a limited time last year in Louisiana and it went over extremely well.   Could pro sports logos be the next burger stamp?

James O'Reilly, Sonic's Chief Marketing Officer says he'd consider expanding their stamping to include pro sports.  Sonic has 3500 locations in 44 states.

The college stamped burgers will cost between 4 and 5 dollars.  Do you think it's a good idea for sports fans?

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