No, this is not a sappy Sarah McLachlan commercial (cue the sad music). The Stevens Swan Humane Society is looking for a few donations - and some of the items you may have already laying around the house.

A Cat Waiting for a Medical Exam in an Animal Shelter
Photo by: John Moore/Getty Images News

The Stevens Swan Humane Society helps out a lot of animals right here in the Utica and Rome area. According to their mission statement (on the Stevens Swan Humane Society website),

...We take in stray, homeless and abused animals and strive to place them in loving, caring homes. The SSHS relies heavily on donations, memeberships, foundations and corporations who also have a commitment to the health, well-being and socialization of our community citizens and their animals.

Sometimes animal shelters need a little help. The Stevens Swan Humane Society sent out a message on Facebook looking for a few items. Things like:

-canned cat food

-new or gently used towels

- laundry soap (liquid)

Making a small donation like a can of cat food or two, can make a big difference at the humane society (cue Sarah McLachlan again)...

If you're interested in helping out the Stevens Swan Humane Society, or knowing more about their cause in our community, check out their website here. In the meantime, I need to head to the store and get a can of cat food, so I can do my part! :)



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