While Ohio State students are no strangers to ghosts that haunt the campus, some students renting an off-campus house discovered there was more to their ghost than just moved objects.

The students would joke about the house being haunted when they would hear unexplained noises and find the microwave and oven doors left open. With all of the history of the town and rumors about the house the students weren't thinking what could actually be going on.

So, when the students decided to look into the haunting of their house they were more than a little surprised when they found a locked door in their basement with more unexplained noises coming from behind it. More than a little alarmed, they had the maintenance workers open the door and discovered the most unbelievable answer. They had a squatter. A fellow student had been living in the basement.

Just a reminder that maybe you might want to look into those strange noises in the night.


Investigating The Thompson Park Vortex - CNY Paranormal

For paranormal investigators, flexibility is a critical personality trait. Many investigators go into the field expecting to only investigate reports of hauntings. They purchase equipment to help them track that activity, and do as much research as they feel necessary on ghosts. Then they encounter ' That Case '.