A man in Sweden has captured some eerie audio on a car radio and he posted his experience to reddit.

The audio on the radio is a loud piercing noise with odd voices that weren't part of any radio broadcast.  Here's what was posted on the reddit /r/TheTruthIsHere forum

Hi. I'm kinda freaking out right now. My friend dropped me off were I live and when I got home I got a text from him to hurry back to the car. I ran back and entered the car. The radio was doing alot of weird noises. There was a loud beep, and two different voices coming from the speakers. One male voice (perhaps russian) came from the left speaker, and a female voice (might be swedish, finnish or russian) came from the right one. They didn't stop talking and we heard numbers like 24.70 and 66.60 (not kidding). After awhile, a "sch" sound appeared and came and dissapeared over and over again like in morse-code. I freaked the fuck out and went home, and later got a text from my friend who said that a voice said the name of the location I'm living at, and after that he said "standing still". Also, notice in the video how the equalizer on the radio (6.46 in the video) is perfectly still when it should be moving like crazy. The warning-symbol was also glowing, which it didn't do before any of this happened.


Also, the location that he said on the radio is not the town I live in, but the area where I live in. There's like 10 appartment buildings here, so It's not that big. This was also after we had been standing outside the car for 2~ minutes smoking.

The message said something like: "Name of my location" and after that "standing still".

What's your thoughts?

Listen to the Creepy Car Radio Audio

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