A photo showing a hooded figure in a back yard near Charlotte, North Carolina has the internet sufficiently creeped out.

A reporter for the Gaston Gazette shared the photo that was originally posed on reddit's r/paranormal forum.

According to the original poster on reddit,

The husband of the photographer says that it would raise it hands upwards and then down. She swears that this figure is floating.
From what I can see, it looks to be transparent in parts and can see the trees and plants behind it. It seems to be holding something in its hands that looks like it could be meat.
My friend says that she has been finding pieces of raw meat in the back yard. Her yard has these little scraps of paper as well that you can see on the ground. When they were discussing the picture today the clock fell off the wall. The picture is taken from the neighbors window towards her friends yard.

The figure reminds me of Le Loyon, a hooded person who has been walking through a forest in Switzerland for a decade always wearing a cloak and gas mask. It was only photographed for the first time in 2013.

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