While driving around Central New York, it doesn't take long to encounter road construction.  Some days it seems like it's happening on every road I take.  Have you noticed drivers acting totally clueless when they're near road construction?

road work sign

What exactly do I mean by clueless?  Here's an example.  When the big orange sign says "Road Work Ahead," that means there's road work ahead.  Then when the sign after that says "Left Lane Closed Ahead," why act so surprised when the left lane is blocked up ahead?  Usually this involves the clueless driver suddenly serving in to the left lane, which I'm in,  as they finally realize they can't go much further in their lane.

road work

Or how about the rude drivers who decide to bypass all the other cars waiting patiently in the one lane that's open and they zoom down the other lane which will soon be closed and force their way in to the line of cars.  I've seen that too many times to count.

Those are just two examples of bad driving I'm see more and more of near road construction, among other places.  How about you?

Pretty much all  road construction signs are easy to understand.  For some drivers who appear oblivious to these signs, perhaps a DMV refresher course might be helpful.  This way, I won't have to watch for you to suddenly swerve in to my lane.  Be careful out there!

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