The first month of 2018 broadcasts for the Lite 98.7 morning show concluded with a busy week of bets, boasts, and bad ideas. Here are the Top 5 for Beth & Dave for the week of January 29, 2018:

1. An edition of Your Momma Must Be So Proud featured a great 9-1-1 call, which turned into an observation about our marriage, which in turn triggered a surprising phone call from a Central New York listener.

2. Dave coined a new phrase while laying around with the Chocolate Labs.

3. Our big weight-loss wager, with a tattoo payoff, similar to a recent bet between a couple of Hollywood stars.

4. Katie Couric's disclosure about a beauty procedure she was planning to get at the Winter Olympics in South Korea spurred a major discussion.

5. A Kinda Hard Question about the frequency with which we clean our refrigerators (just once every 111 days on average!) led to another of Dave's brilliant (stupid) ideas.