Over ten years ago, Taylor Swift was just an average teenage country singer, performing at small clubs and bars like the Grizzly Rose in Denver. It’s hard to believe how time has flown ever since.

Over this past weekend, Taylor returned to the state of Colorado in “Style," performing two sold out nights at Denver’s Pepsi Center.

Taylor has made her mark in the pop world in 2015 with her cameo-filled 1989 World Tour, selling out venues nationwide stacked to the very last open aisle, almost exclusively with girls nine years old and younger. (Any Taylor Swift show is an unofficial gathering summit of American females, as proven by the endless line for the women's bathroom snaking all around the arena — the men’s room however, was vacant.)

Vance Joy was chosen as the show’s opener, providing a somehow enchanting vibe to warm up the audience before the crowd got on their feet, waving homemade signs and singing at the top of their lungs. Serenading the audience and sizzling with his ditty “Riptide" was enough to get the show in full gear before Taylor took to the stage.

The superstar singer-songwriter kicked off the show by bringing the imagery of New York City to Denver with her first track off 1989, “Welcome to New York,” complete with park benches and street signs placed on stage to bring the song to life. Every seat was filled with synchronized flashing light rings and bracelets for everyone to have, which were timed to the music, creating a remarkable light show in the audience.

Swift’s nearly two hour performance was unparalleled, but despite hit after hit happening on stage, including “Blank Space," “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “How You Get The Girl," the best part of the show was Taylor’s impeccable connection with the crowd.

The singer would frequently take her time to get deep with the audience, reflecting on personal insecurities and perseverance. Despite being the biggest star in the world, we experienced a true human moment from her; it almost felt like that 3-minute scene from The Newsroom. Swift also doesn't quite understand her place in the world — a feeling many of us can relate to — speaking for an extended amount of time about the struggles that young girls and women face. But Swift's heartfelt words connected with the crowd, much like the synchronized bracelets in the crowd.

Most of the show featured hits from 1989, skipping over many of the country hits that got her to where she is today. But, to the joy of the crowd, she did perform pre-1989 tracks, including “Love Story,” “Fifteen” and “You Belong With Me.”

Taylor Swift is the flagship of popularity in the pop world today. She's at the pinnacle in her career, and the very top of her game. But even at those dizzying heights, she thanked Denver for their support, reflecting back on her days playing at the Grizzly Rose. Look at how far she's come ever since.

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