Today is National Potato Chip Day. Strolling down the chip isle at your supermarket, you might think their selection runs the gamut of potato chip flavors (bar-b-que, salt & vinegar, sour cream & onion), but you'd be surprised by these 5 potato chip flavors that have never shown up in your grocery store.

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    Old Bay

    Old Bay is the traditional seasoning mix used when cooking crabs pulled from Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Herr's, based in nearby southeastern Pennsylvania, uses Old Bay which is a combination of peppers, paprika and many other spices to dust these chips.

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    Roast Chicken

    Made by Lay's for sale in Canada, Roast Chicken chips carry the flavor of savory fowl after a long turn on the rotisserie. Roast Chicken isn't available everywhere in Canada, just the Atlantic Provinces like New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

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    All Dressed

    Another variety from our friends North of the Border, All Dressed chips combine the flavors of ketchup AND salt & vinegar AND other mystery seasonings. It's as deluxe as chips get in Canada!

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    Spicy Cajun Crawtators

    Zapp's is a regional chip brand based in Louisiana. You can find them nationally if you search hard enough. Their top seller is a flavor that's reminiscent of a bayou crawdad boil (similar in theme to the Old Bay-spiced chips). Zapp's claims that their Spicy Cajun is the first Cajun-flavored food item ever produced.

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    Earthquake Chips

    Another regional chip-maker is California Chips. Their 'Earthquake' brand will shake up your perception of what makes a tasty chip. Their formula is a secret, allowing only that the Earthquake flavor is a combination of other popular flavors. Tasters claim you'll get hints of barbecue, jalapeno, salt & vinegar along with sour cream & onion. Wow, that's an 8.0 on my Richter scale.

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