Lay's Do Us a Flavor is back asking you, the potato chip connoisseur, to develop the next great flavor. There are so many great New York food ideas that would make amazing potato chips. Here are a few. Which of these would you dive into?

Rochester - Rome - Utica Do Us a Flavor
Utica Tomato Pie

This would be a pretty simple chip to toss together. Tomato flavor, garlic and Parmesan cheese. Actually, if you leave tomato pie out for two or three days, the crust will turn into a rock-solid chip-like consistency.

Rome Turkey Joints

A candy for a potato chip flavor? Lay's got away with cappuccino last year, so why not Rome's iconic brazil nut and chocolate classic?

Rochester Garbage Plate

Cheeseburger or hot dog, chili sauce, long hots, mac or potato salad - all in a chip? It could happen. Just toss all the favors in the Lay's factory into the chip hopper and you've got yourself a "garbage chip."

Buffalo - Binghamton - Adirondack Lays Do Us a Flavor
Buffalo Beef on Weck

Mmmmm the flavor of roast beef on a salty kimmelweck roll. This would translate into chip Nirvana.

Binghamton Chicken Spiedies

Don't deny you'd destroy a bag of chips dusted with a powdery version of the marinate they use to coat those spiedies.

Adirondack Croghan Bologna

The North Country classic flavor and a little mustard tossed in. It's worth a try.

Think you can out-do these epic New York themed flavors? Make your flavor combination at Lay's Do Us a Flavor page.


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