One of the questions paranormal investigators ask themselves is regarding the location of haunted sites. Anecdotal evidence tells us that there are a lot of haunted buildings by rivers and other bodies of water.

Folklore tells us that ghosts can’t cross running water, so does this mean that spirits hit a river and then stop at the nearest building? Science tells us that water conducts electricity dissipating the current, so it is a barrier to the passage of electricity, which backs up the folklore. That still leaves us with the question about hauntings near bodies of water. Whether you believe in science or folklore, we are left with a lot of ghosts residing along our waterways.

One Central New York location that follows this haunted waterways trend is the Stone Mill of Little Falls, located along the canal in Little Falls NY. Built in 1839, this building was initially used as a textile mill, creating cloth for the Mexican-American War and the Civil War. Over the years, and with slight expansions to the business, World War II uniforms were also produced in this building. Currently, the Stone Mill of Little Falls is home to a number of businesses ranging from an antiques store, to an ice cream store. Additionally, there are professional offices located in the building, as well as an Inn located on the third floor.

The Stone Mill of Little Falls has a history of haunted happenings. From the spotting of shadow figures to lights turning on and off, the Stone Mill is a prime example of a haunted waterway building. There have been multiple reports of full-bodied apparitions in various locations in the building. A man believed to be a firefighter has been spotted in one of the downstairs shops, as well as on a staircase. A ghostly audience member has been spotted in the Black Box Theater on the second floor of the building. These paranormal experiences don’t cover the other paranormal reports of footsteps, ghostly voices, and strange photographs.

Shadow Chasers

Whatever the reason for haunted waterways, there is no question about the haunting at the Stone Mill. When visiting this historic location, be sure to keep your eyes open for ghostly visitors.

Contributed by NY Shadowchasers