If you like Pina Coladas...or...Drinkin' Whiskey Out the Bottle...or Red Red Wine, you're obviously a fan of big hit songs about beverages. Good thing. Monday is National Beverage Day--observed annually on May 6--a day to sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite drink.

You could observe National Beverage Day by calling your favorite radio station (ahem, Lite 98.7) and requesting a beverage-inspired song. And then, if you'd like to raise the most appropriate glass, you'll surely want to know about the official and unofficial beverages of New York State. Luckily, we're here with that information.

Milk was proclaimed the official beverage of New York in 1981, as we rank third in the U.S. for milk production. Same as 21 of the 28 states that HAVE official drinks.

Long Island Iced Tea is our state's unofficial signature cocktail, according to SpoonUniversity.com

Dr. Brown's (the New York City soda created in New York City, with cream, black cherry and even celery flavors) is our state's top soft drink, according to Thrillist.com.

Dr. Konstantin Frank was named one the country's top 11 wineries by Men's Journal magazine.

As for beers, there are SO many excellent breweries now all across the Empire State, it would be hard to single out just one, but at least two CNY breweries did us proud last week..

At the 22nd Annual Tap NY Fest last weekend, Woodland Farm won a gold medal for its Karl the Great Kolsch light lager. And New York's Best Craft Brewery every year is presented with the F.X. Matt Memorial Cup. So, the Mohawk Valley was well represented.

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