Among the various ghost stories and urban legends, the story of the bride, the woman in white that haunts a particular roadway is a story that is so common that variations are found in every state and a multitude of countries around the globe. One such story is that of the Phantom Bride of 13 Curves in Marcellus, just southwest of Syracuse.

Popular legend begins over 60 years ago when a newly married couple was traveling down the road known locally as ’13 curves’ on their wedding night when they lost control of their car and crashed into the nearby creek. The couple was killed instantly and since that night, many people travelling on the road at night have reported witnessing a woman in white along the road.

Some witnesses report seeing a woman wandering the curves of road at night with a glowing orange lantern, while others report a woman simply standing on the hills along the road, while others report seeing her soaked in blood and leaping at passing cars to cause unsuspecting drivers to crash.

There are a multitude of variations of this story, some say only the groom died in the accident and she haunts the road looking for her lost lover while other variations say the bride has actually appeared in passing cars dressed in white and splattered in blood.

The accounts from 13 Curves range from accounts of teens reporting an apparition in the woods to a more believable account of a couple witnessing a dim glowing white shape in the road that moved from one side of the road to the other and when the witnesses moved closer the shape appeared to turn and face them. The shape appeared to be “a static-y blur’ of a person with a red glow where the head would be on a person. After this encounter the witnesses reported the shape darting out of sight into the woods.

While there are many legends of women in white that haunt roads throughout the world, it doesn’t mean there isn’t some truth to the stories. The legend of the Phantom Bride of 13 curves has been reported by numerous witnesses over the last few decades showing that there is something to the urban legend.

Search for the Phamtom Bride yourself.  The 13 Curves are on Cedarvale Road, marked on the map below.

Cedarvale Road, Syracuse
Google Maps

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