Earlier this week, I told you about the ten worst jobs in America for this year.  Now how about a look at the ten best jobs in America this year.

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Once again, this list is from Careercast.com, which has been ranking jobs for twenty five years based on stress, physical demands, hiring prospects, income and environment.  Topping the list is actuary, with an average salary of $81,540.

The rest of the ten best jobs in America, plus average pay.

2.  Biomedical engineer $81,540

3.  Software engineer $90,530

4.  Audiologist $66,660

5.  Financial planner $64,750

6.  Dental hygienist $68,250

7.  Occupational therapist $72,320

8.  Optometrist $94,990

9.  Physical therapist $76,310

10.  Computer systems $77,740