For some odd reason that no one in my family can figure out I want a parrot as a pet. The fact they talk just amazes me. If I ever get one I’ll have to be careful what this guy did with his parrot.

A Taiwanese man is squawking mad at his neighbors for training their pet bird to insult him so he's taking them to court. That’s right the bird insults people! How funny and amazing!

Wang Han-Chin had been on the outs with the neighbors since he called the cops on them over their rowdy behavior. As revenge, they taught their bird a wide variety of insults to screech at Chin, including "a clueless big-mouthed idiot." The lawsuit alleges that the bird's insults caused Chin "serious distress, making him lose concentration at work so he suffered burn injuries".

Now that’s a new excuse to miss work: The Parrot is causing me distress. Love it!

I can't tell you why I want a Parrot I just do. I'd teach him clever things to say, and maybe he could take over the radio show from me! I'd have him insult people I didn't like, and it could be a ball. I just hope I don't get a lawsuit on me!