There's two new animals at the Utica Zoo. We find out more about these two animals, some fun facts about them, and how long they'll be at the zoo.

We're joined again with Mike Beck, Director of Communications at the Utica Zoo, for this segment of "The Zoo's News." This week we find out that the zoo has two new animals on display, which you'll find near the upgraded Sinnott Educational Center. They are two black swans, named Bonnie and Clyde, that have been loaned to the zoo by a local farmer. It's a little tough to hear in the video (at the top of this page), because of the fountain irrigating the water, but Mike Beck tells us they revamped their old duck pond to make room for these two animals. He went on to say,

Not sure how long we're going to have them. It's kind of a limited-time animal. So make sure you come down and check them out before they're gone.

Beck also shared with us some interesting facts about Black Swans... Like, did you know they're native to Southern Australia? Or the fact that Black Swans pair for life. And the two at the Utica Zoo are a pair (if you couldn't tell by their names).

At the end of the video (above), you can get a closer look at the two Black Swans. It's even better to see them in person though, so a trip to the Utica Zoo may be a good family-fun, weekend plan. Again, we apologize for the sound in the video, but we definitely had to share the news of new animals at the zoo.

If you have any questions about the Utica Zoo, their upcoming events, or animals at the zoo, you can submit them at the link below. They may even be used for an upcoming segment of "The Zoo's News."




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