We all love our kids, I know. But sometimes, they do things that make us want to scream...or hide in the closet with a container of Ben & Jerry's and call it a day. 

Today, I was just going about my normal household business, trying to get some housework done before the weekend, and came across something that a) drives me bananas and b) seems so simple to prevent, it shouldn't be that difficult to not do it.

What is it about a toothpaste tube that is difficult for my kids to manage? They're not toddlers - they're teenagers, for crying out loud. And they've got the fancy advanced flip-top lid on their toothpaste. We didn't have that growing up - we just had that little cap that always got away from you as you were trying to wake up enough to catch the school bus.

Here's something I left out of the video: there was toothpaste on the bathroom mirror. How does that even happen? That's got to take a certain level of skill. Personally, I wasn't aware that toothbrushing was a combat sport. I was obviously wrong, judging by the condition of their bathroom.

Don't get me started on the laundry (even though I really need to get started on the laundry).

What drives you insane, fellow moms? Let me know - maybe I'll make a video out of it. Better yet, send me a picture using our app. Just follow the instructions below.


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