Drivers that tailgate. Drivers that pull out in front of you so that they can go 10 mph down a two-lane road for 17 miles. Drivers that swerve out of their lane because they're too busy texting. All annoying.

Are any as irritating as the driver that doesn't give you the courtesy wave?

You know the wave I mean: a friendly raised hand that can be seen by another driver, signaling gratitude for the nice thing another driver did (putting the hand out the driver's window optional).

For example, it's hard to get out of the Cafe Canole parking lot onto Campion Road in New Hartford. If you're on Campion Road, you can be nice and stop to allow a driver out of the lot. Good karma for you. But when that driver doesn't acknowledge the courtesy with a little wave? What's up with that? Listen, buddy, I didn't have to stop - I was just being NICE. Give me my wave. 90% of the time, I get the wave. The other 10% makes say naughty words to my steering wheel.

Not waving just frosts my biscuits. It only takes a second. Just do it: give the wave. Make sure you use ALL the fingers though - not just the one. That's a different kind of wave.

Yup - no courtesy wave. Add it to the things that drive moms crazy.

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