Are you looking for a way for your man to smell a little better? Are you sick of sweat and old sock smell? Well you can help guide him in the direction of a better smell after reading this. I don’t claim to be the king of great smell, but I always make sure I smell good. Here’s my Top 3 Adidas Cologne Scents For Men:

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    Adidas Adrenaline

    Adidas introduced Adidas Adrenaline back in 2003 as a sporty, fresh scent for men. It’s a masculine scent that possesses blends of citrus with herbs. This by far is my favorite cologne, and my girlfriend likes it too.

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    Adidas Moves

    This refreshing scent introduced in 1999 is sweet and spicy. The top notes are green apple, tomato leaf, parsley, black pepper, anise, spearmint, peppermint, and pineapple.

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    Adidas Moves 001

    Adidas Moves 001 Cologne by Coty is an aromatic/spicy fragrance for dyanamic men. I like to mix this in at least once a week and it always goes over well.