As the New Year approaches you may haven’t put much thought into your New Years Resolution. Every year it seems we try to build up these great ideas for resolutions, and then never stick to them. If I stuck to mine from last year, I may have been 15 pounds lighter, but such is life. Here are a few New Years resolutions that are truly unique to Central New York, and pretty easy to attempt.

  • Boilermaker

    Run The Boilermaker Road Race

    There is still plenty of time to train for one of the greatest road races of the world, The Boilermaker. Maybe this year will be the year you will attempt the 15K, or maybe even the 5K. From friends and family I know that attempt it each and every year, they claim there is no greater feeling. Get in shape, and feel good about yourself in 2012 by running the greatest race on the planet.

  • Brian Bushner/Townsquare Media
    Brian Bushner/Townsquare Media

    Sample 5 Different Restaurants Chicken Riggies

    Everyone has a different restaurant of choice when it comes to Riggies. Personally, I love Babe’s. They have a wide variety of riggies, and fairly cheap. In 2012 expand your taste buds. If you truly want to discover who has the best riggies, sample 5 different restaurants. Once you sample that many you are truly able to make the call of who has the best riggies in Central New York. Is it Teddy’s? Is it Secret Garden’s? You be the judge in 2012.

  • WIBX

    Comprehend The New Roundabout

    Now I understand this area isn’t covered in roundabouts, but in the coming year there will be a grand total of three: 1 at Griffis, 1 in downtown Utica, and 1 in Marcy by Suny It. Let’s focus on the roundabout in downtown for a moment; it’s in the busiest part of the city. Driving through it wrong is not only embarrassing, it’s very dangerous. Take a couple trips around the roundabout (maybe at night time) and practice. Practice makes perfect. You’ll be a roundabout guru in 2012.

  • Peter Naughton/Townsquare Media
    Peter Naughton/Townsquare Media

    Discover A Local Attraction

    You may have lived in this region your entire life but can you truly say you’ve been to all the landmarks? Have you ever biked the Erie Canal trails? Have you ever taken a trip to Fort Stanwix? Make it a resolution in the New Year to attempt at least one Central New York attraction you’ve never seen before or done. Take a day off and head up to The Baseball Hall of Fame. If sports aren’t your thing, maybe take a ride onboard the Adirondack Scenic Railroad. Turn into a “townie” in 2012.

  • Lite 98.7
    Lite 98.7

    Set Your Number One Preset To Lite 98.7

    While you’re doing the other 4 resolutions you’re going to need great music, and that’s our resolution to you in 2012, to play the best variety of yesterday and today! You’ll have great music for work and fun with us in 2012.

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