A little jealousy on a guys part can be flattering sometimes. When does jealousy go too far?

Here are some signs from YourTango.com that his jealousy is out of control: 

1) He calls you all the time and checks up on you. It's one thing if you’re traveling and he wants to make sure your safe, but it's another if you're with friends at Lava or down on Varick.

2) He doesn't like it if you want to go out by yourself or with friends. Everyone needs some space and he needs to respect that.

3) He gets upset when you talk to other guys. If he starts to accuse you of being interested in someone other than him, he's being a little nuts.

4) He always wants to know where you are and what time you're coming home. Creeeeeepy.

5) He goes through your personal things like e-mail, phone, texts. He needs to start respecting your space, and realizing.