Okay, so this place is like half schoolhouse and half tree house, and it's completely unique. We think it's definitely something you should experience. Enjoy a nice dinner, or maybe an adult beverage, while relaxing in a tree house.

If you were ever lucky enough to have a tree house when you were a kid (or have a friend that had one), you know how great and fun they can be. There's just something about being up in the trees, right? Well, you can relive those moments at this tree house restaurant, that will be open in late spring.

Unfortunately, this tree house restaurant is a little bit of drive from the Central New York area... It's in New Hampshire. But before you dismiss it, there's two things we want to get across. Number one, it's a tree house restaurant! That's so awesome, it will be worth the drive. And number two, Vermont and New Hampshire are small, so it's not a ridiculously long drive. You're looking at about 5 hours from the Utica area, which we think makes for a great day trip adventure.

Alright, so you're probably wondering more about this tree house restaurant. Well, it's called "The Little Red Schoolhouse Restaurant," probably because that's what it looks like... Well, at least from the road. When you walk out to the back of the restaurant, you're on a deck, that's considerably high off the ground. Seriously, you're at the tree tops - But that's because the ground drops off in the back of the restaurant. You can see part of the drop-off in the photo (below). Not only will it feel like you're in a tree house, but the place is decked out in wood essentials, from the tables to the floor, and even the beams look like they're trees, holding up the restaurant.

The Little Red Schoolhouse Restaurant in New Hampshire
Photo Credit: Google Maps Street View

It's hard to describe it without actually being there to see it for yourself. Imagine a beautiful tree house, with a bar, and a fantastic view that stretches out for miles. You can see photos of this amazing restaurant by visiting their Facebook Page at: The Little Red Schoolhouse, LLC. Go ahead and check them out, we'll wait.

Pretty awesome, right?! But it's not just the fact that this restaurant is a tree house, that you should go and visit it (although, we think that's reason enough). The food has been raved about, especially when it comes to the seafood they have available. Seafood in the trees?! Sounds crazy, we know, but the Little Red Schoolhouse knows what they're doing. They also serve burgers, sandwiches, and wraps. And of course you can't wrap up your adventures without some ice cream. Yes, they have that, too.

And after you're done with your meal and taking in the sights, you can stop by their gift shop that has a bunch of New Hampshire made goodies, from baskets and hats, to jewelry and more.

We mentioned earlier that this restaurant opens up in late spring (it's only open seasonally). The Little Red Schoolhouse will reopen their doors for the 2018 season on Friday, May 25th. And they're open Thursday through Monday from 11am to 8pm, so make sure you plan accordingly. They're located at 1994 US 3 in Campton, New Hampshire.

Sure, this may not be something you get to this May, or this summer, but we definitely think it's something you should add to your list of "things to do." We're sure you'll have plenty of stories to share after visiting this schoolhouse/tree house restaurant.




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