Recently, our Social Media Mom introduced us to her advertures on the social media platform.  She talked about the broad range of ways to communicate with family and cebrities.  Today we look at the world of tweeting with Twitter.

"Let me tweet that! Can you RT me? What's trending? Use a Hashtag" Do all these words sound unfamiliar to you? Don't worry, let me guide you through my experience with the wonderful world of Twitter.

Twitter is a social networking site that lets you send and receive texts from friends and family that are on Twitter. There's only one catch: you must only use up to 140 characters or less to make your statement, and for me that is hard! These texts you post are known as tweets. You can tweet your family or friends a short, but sweet message and they can tweet you back.

RT is a "re-tweet." A RT is if you see something on Twitter that you like, there's a button you can hit that says "re-tweet" and everyone can see what the "tweet" was about. It's easy to do and if I can do it, you can too!

Trending is a subject that is really hot that day for Twitter. For example, what's trending today is #ASongIKnowAllTheLyricsToo and #celebrateMJ. The symbol in front of the sentence is called a hashtag. People tend to say something on their mind and hashtag it if its important. I seem to find myself doing that a lot, but only when I'm trying to get my point accross! So have fun with that and #iknowyouwill! (Just make sure the whole sentence is together, without spaces.)

Following, well, i's simple, it's when you follow someone on Twitter. Just search for a friend, family member, actor, actress, business, tv station, radio station, well, you get the point, a lot of these people and businesses have a Twitter account. Hit follow and bam! You can stalk, i mean follow (again, sorry Mr. Stamo's @JohnStamos) what they are up to. I find that Roseanne, American Idol and Dianne Ladd are very friendly and have tweeted me back more than once.

To get a Twitter account, go to Twitter and sign up! Your username can be whatever you like as long as the "@" symbol is in front: example: my twitter name is @raiderfan615.

So, I hope I helped a little with the world of Twitter. Next time your son or daughter or grandkids say "I gotta tweet that," reply with " I'll RT if i like it" and watch their faces!

Next time, I will share my experience with the joys of Foursquare!

Remember, we need to keep updated on all the social media or we will be left behind. A man once said "if you're not first, you're last"..... :)

Our Social Media Mom lives in Westmoreland and tweets @raidersfan615

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