This article is so so so gonna get me in trouble, but it's also SO true, at least from my perspective so I'm gonna risk it in the hopes that it'll help you understand your man a little better which can help you actually avoid more arguments and bring you two closer together. And guys, don't hate me for outing these 'facts' if you disagree... Just blow it off 'cause what does a crazy radio deejay know about anything anyway, right? They put me in a padded room by myself for a reason!

  • 1

    He Doesn't Like All Of Your Friends

    Some of your friends are a complete gas to be around but sometimes we guys have a really hard time liking all of them. We try to because we love you and don't wanna cause trouble every time they come by, but don't expect us to be genuinely cool with all of your BFF's any more than you're cool with all of our pals. We'll try our best to be polite, or just retreat to our dens and get red-eyed on our x-boxes!

  • 2

    He Checks Out Other Girls

    If a guy tells you that he's not sneaking a peek at that woman who just walked by, he's lying. Not out of guilt, but more out of a desire to avoid hurting your feelings. He's simply admiring her attractiveness and isn't thinking he was with her instead or that she's prettier than you. We are hard-wired to appreciate beautiful things and in all fairness, you like looking at hot guys too. I've never understood why we can't say if someone is hot when they obviously are. I mean who looks at that scrumptious stack of blueberry pancakes and goes, "nope these don't taste good, at all!"

  • 3

    He Gets Hit On

    Basically, if you find him attractive it's a safe bet that other girls do too. Many women never confess their crushes but if one does happen to come up to him, he's not hiding anything by not telling you about it, he just doesn't want you to worry about his promise to you or risk you overreacting if he shared the encounter with you. He's committed to you and will keep his loyalties and heart with you if he knows what's good for him!

  • 4

    He Wants To Get Married, Eventually

    Contrary to popular belief, guys are actually commitment minded at their core and want to commit to a woman that is right for them, but if they balk at the idea of getting hitched it could be because they just don't feel their life is in order enough to start a family or they may still be in their 'single-life' phase and just not aren't emotionally ready to settle down... yet. But chances are, he will.

  • 5

    He Lets Himself Go When You Do

    When you start getting comfortable to the point that you don't feel like putting your makeup on or trying to look cute in your wardrobe, or start putting on weight, your guy does notice and takes it personally like maybe you don't really care about looking good for him anymore after the courtship stage. He still loves you, but when you stop spending time on your appearance as often he could take it as an indicator that you're not as attracted to him or as interested as you used to be. Take care of your appearance and he won't let his slip either... He wants to keep his hot woman around!

  • 6

    He Takes It Personally When You Nag

    Also, speaking of comfortability it's so much easier to get into a nit-picky mode with time, making mountains out of molehills and when you ride him about something or criticize him, it hurts him because he feels like you don't believe in him. You may think you're just genuinely reminding him or have a right to voice your concerns, but it's all in the delivery. Try to think of how he'll perceive what you have to say before saying it, and he just might offer you the same courtesy as a result... Bye-bye fighting!

  • 7

    He Means EXACTLY What He Says

    Many times you will say you're fine when you're really not, and will say the exact opposite of what you're really thinking in an effort to get him to catch your real meaning without having to come right out and tell him, but he will likely not get the hint because he's just not wired that way. If he says he's fine, he really is. Guys are direct and will usually say what they mean when they mean it without you having to guess at another motive. So if you want your man to do something for you or to understand you, don't beat around the bush and just say what you're really thinking.

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