The major snowstorm that hit Central New York March 2nd, bringing more than two feet of the extra wet, heavy stuff in some areas, may not be the last blast of 2018 from Mother Nature.

Meteorologists are tracking two more weather systems that may impact New York State in general and the Mohawk Valley in particular--the first due on Wednesday and the second arriving next weekend. Here's a glimpse at the possibilities:

A winter storm named Quinn is brewing and looks to be setting up for a Wednesday-Thursday arrival in New York, with most models predicting more significant snowfall for the Eastern regions of the state. Of course, wind conditions and directions and storm intensities can change.

March's third winter storm of 2018 could also impact the Northeast and New York state next weekend.

Many communities suffered power outages and flooding associated with the March 2nd storm, and there may not be much time to recover before the next round of late winter arrives; fortunately, meteorologists right now expect both of these systems will bring only a glancing blow for Central New York.


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