During this time of the year, it seems like everyone is going on vacation, or taking a few days off to be with family and friends. Here's the best way to make your vacation days last.

Vacationing in the Adirondack State Park
Naomi Lynn/TSM

If you are fortunate enough to get vacation days each year, you know how valuable they really are. It seems like once you use two or three, the rest of them just start disappearing. And if you're like most people, you don't get a lot of vacation days, and you need to make them last!

Plan Around Weekends. One of the biggest things you can do to stretch your vacation days is take long weekends. Make it a four-day weekend by taking off the Friday before the weekend, and the Monday after. That way you get four days off and only use two days. Not only that, but you give yourself two short work weeks to look forward to.

Make an Actual Plan for Your Vacation Days. If you only get six days a year (or ten or whatever), you want to spread them out over the whole year. If you take all your days in the summer months, it's going to make the rest of the year seem long. Maybe take a short break every two months or so, and save the rest for a longer trip later.

Pay attention to holidays. Whatever holidays you have off, try to schedule vacation days around those. That way you're getting another day off, without using another vacation day.


Now, if you're planning a trip to Hawaii or wherever, obviously you'll need to take more time off. A lot of people will take a whole week off - which sometimes you have to. But if you can avoid it, you're vacation days will go further. Even if you take a Friday into the weekend off, then take off three days the next week. You'll get more for your days by splitting things up in the week.

I hope this helps - and enjoy your days off! :)



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