Lay's Potato Chips has been very successful in asking America to create new flavors in their Do Us a Flavor campaign. Now is your chance to put the flavor of Utica on the national palate by voting for two of our signature dishes.

Utica Chicken Riggie Potato Chips

Chicken, peppers, onion, and tomato sauce in a chip? Sounds good to us.  The Utica-OD recently reported on the effort to get Riggies voted a winning flavor:

Holland Patent resident Mark Needham, 27, recently entered the flavor of chicken riggies and is hoping for support from the region.

Utica Greens Potato Chips

What would riggie chips be without Utica Greens chips? I decided to create a flavor for Central New York's other signature dish.  Lay's didn't have escarole as an ingredient option, so I went with spinach flavor and added in prosciutto and garlic.

We dreamed up lots of other Central New York themed chip ideas like tomato pie chips, or half-moon chips and turkey joint chips. What flavor would you want to see make into a chip. Let us know in the comments below.

Bonus - Eric's Personal Flavor Pick: Nopalitos

Here's a chip idea I came up with that's not Utica related but includes one of my favorite Southwest flavors - cactus, or nopalitos.  Add the flavor of the prickly pear cactus to onion an lime and you've got a chip.

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