Even if you're single and not in love, chances are, there's at least one song we play on the Lite that pulls on your heart strings and makes you smile or cry.  


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    A Thousand Years

    Does Fate Exist?

    Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" is a top requested song on Lite 98.7's "Most Music Morning Show." Most of the callers tell me that when they met that special someone they knew right away that it was a love that was going to last. Valentine's Day is coming soon and lately the phones have been lighting up for this one! PS: Thank you Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 for including this one on Your Soundtrack!



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    An Upbeat Love Song?

    Granted, Bruno Mars hit "Treasure" isn't a ballad but it's still a sure fire hit with Lite 98.7's morning show listeners. Unlike Perri's "A Thousand Years," this tune is usually requested by men. Perhaps a fast tempo song that sounds like something from the 70's puts us gents at ease when we want to express our love to that special someone. Now that Valentine's Day is nearly here, the guys have been relentlessly asking for this one to be played for their sweeties.



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    Head Over Heels!

    This song from Alicia Keys is by far the most requested Valentine's Day love song. Alicia's, deep, raspy, sultry sound appeals to both men and women alike. Over the past 3 days this song has been requested 11 times by 11 unique listeners!  If Alicia knew how much you liked this song she'd probably gladly give you a signed copy!