There's more to a half moon than just a chocolate or vanilla cookie with chocolate and vanilla icing.

Maybe I'm a little late to the party, but I didn't know there was more to a half moon cookie than just chocolate and vanilla. I remember last year when Holland Farms had peanut butter half moons, but I assumed it was a limited time, brand new deal. Did you know they have red velvet half moon cookies?!

...I didn't.

Not until today, anyway. I had my first taste of a red velvet half moon cookie, and I think I'm addicted. Anyone who likes red velvet, knows that a lot of things that say they're "red velvet flavored" miss the mark... But not these half moon cookies. It was the best red velvet anything I've ever tasted.

Naomi Lynn Enjoying a Delicious Red Velvet Half Moon Cookie

It's not just red velvet and peanut butter half moons, either. Did you know Holland Farms offers a whole variety of these delicious treats? According to Holland Farm's website, these are just SOME of the flavors you can pick up:

- Chocolate cookie with all chocolate icing
- Vanilla cookie with all vanilla icing
- Mint Moons
- Vanilla cookie with chocolate-swirled frosting
- Chocolate cookie with vanilla-swirled frosting
- Jelly Coconut Moon
- Carrot cookie with chocolate & vanilla cream cheese frosting
- Red Velvet Moon

You may want to call ahead, though. Some of those on the list are for a limited time or a seasonal item. Still, that's a lot of flavors I had no idea about. It's not just black and white when it comes to half moon cookies.





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