Remember when you were a kid and sucking out the helium from balloons to make your voice high-pitched was everyone's favorite birthday party activity? (Was that just us? Oh, OK.) Well, Morgan Freeman -- the man with one of the most soothing and distinguishable voices of all-time -- recently experimented with this fun-filled activity, and yes, it's just as amazing as you'd expect.

In a segment of the Science Channel's 'Through the Wormhole,' Freeman inhales the helium from a giant red balloon (twice!) as he talks about weird situations in science. Of course, his voice rises into crazy octaves, and it's so hilarious that even he has a hard time keeping a straight face. As Entertainment Weekly points out, there is no real reason for Freeman to be inhaling the helium, since he's not using it to really demonstrate anything -- just to explain that sometimes strange and unexpected things can happen. And hey, maybe the producers wanted to see Morgan Freeman on helium as much as the rest of us did.

Watch the hilarious video above!