Are you like many who want to know how a magician performs their tricks? Just wait until you see this video and see if you can't help but say, "How does he do that?"

First watch the performance and see if you agree with my theories on how these illusions are done.

Okay, I have a couple of theories on how these illusions are done. First, the box likely has a removable door in it's middle. Look carefully, between 1:17 and 1:30 you might see the doll and the small person switch places with the doll going behind the secret door. The camera shot makes it difficult to see this switch.

Secondly, the other assistant to Kevin James is in fact another small person whose legs only reach the thighs of the model. The majority of the legs you see are fabricated. At 2:10 you can see him walking in kind of awkwardly. There is also one trap door in the waist. After he stands still, the man curls in the chest. At 4:31 you might see a little bit of his leg. And I can help but notice that the other small person is missing as the patient is put back together and then side steps off stage.  But, I may be wrong.