The dating world seems complicated. It's easy to figure out the kind of person you want, it's a lot harder to find them. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming, and you may be lost. We all want similar things it seems, according to this new survery.

According to Yahoo Shine, there are just a handful of things that pretty much everybody is looking for in a partner. The survey is saying if you focus on improving these things in your own life, you'll find it much easier to attract, and hold onto someone great:

Confidence- Confidence attracts, that's a fact. Do something that will give you a boost of confidence.

Sense of Humor- Don't take yourself so seriously all the time. Make a decision to value laughter in your life.

Looks- Just put a little effort into finding the right hairstyle and wearing clothes that fit you and you'll be set, not too much effort because looks aren't everything.

Acceptance- Don't be critical of others and don't think it's your job to change anyone, accept others for who they are.

Communication- Be honest and direct.

Financial Stability- Even if you can only take small steps toward financial independence, take them.

What do you value the most in a relationship?