Perhaps you've seen this in your Facebook feed and wondered what it is. It's a fun game like 'Wheel of Fortune' where you guess the message your Facebook friends have posted.

Many have used emoji icons in both normal and unusual ways. The emoji's you've seen actually say a lot about your friends. It could tell you about what's troubling them, what has them pleased or now, to keep you guessing with a puzzle they've posted.

For example the above answer is, fairy tail.

Dan Brill, the creator of Emojinalysis and copywriter at ad agency Droga5, felt inspired to start this project after realizing that his recently used emoji were a bit concerning. "Mostly I just try to tell a good story," Brill said. "It's sort of like a crime scene investigation. You're picking up a bunch of seemingly disconnected things and trying to see what fits together."

So the next time a friend posts an emoji on their Facebook wall for you to figure out, you can leave the answer in the comments section or click on the game, click on "Guess The Emoji on Facebook" to play along, or download the app for your smartphone. With that you can drag the letters in and play 'guess the message' anywhere. Enjoy.

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